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Our compost & mulch are sourced from the following reputable suppliers.

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Cottage Mulch


Cottage Mulch is a combination of milled pine chip and fine garden compost. It produces a product rich in natural nutrients with the accessibility to be quality ground cover mulch. The cottage mulch is sold by the cubic metre. 

Forest Mulch


Forest Mulch is a fine grade, natural looking mulch full of composted organic matter. Forest Mulch significantly increases water retention, suppresses weed growth, reduces soil erosion and insulates plants against extreme temperature fluctuations. Forest Mulch is sold by the cubic metre.


Recover Mulch


Recover Mulch provides a rich, dark finish with the added benefit of Blood N Bone giving your plants an extra boost. It is a great choice for established garden beds where digging in compost may be difficult. Recover Mulch is sold by the cubic metre. 

Pine Bark Mulch


Pine Bark Mulch is a natural bark product that makes for decorative mulch. Pine Bark Mulch suppresses weed growth, improves water retention, insulates plants against extreme temperature fluctuations and reduces soil erosion. Pine Bark Mulch is sold by the cubic metre.

Softfall Bark


Softfall is certified to Australian standards and is perfect for outdoor play areas, horse arenas and yards. Softfall provides cushioning from falls to help protect against injury, it's non-toxic and it also helps protect against injury from tripping, abrasion and stick injury. Softfall is sold by the cubic metre

Forever Black Mulch


Forever Black Mulch is perfect for a dynamic contrast with your plants to give your garden an instant makeover. Forever Black has a long lasting colour, a very slow breakdown, it's safe for kids, pets and plants and suppresses weed growth.  Forever Black is sold by the cubic metre. 

Red gum chips


Redgum Chips are suitable for use in garden beds and are sold by the cubic metre. Redgum Chips help suppress weed growth, retain soil moisture by reducing evaporation and regulates fluctuation in soil temperature.

Organic Compost


Organic Compost provides and organic boost to your soil and is sold by the cubic metre. It gives sandy soil structure and makes clay soil less prone to bogginess, it increases organic carbon in the soil and increases nutrient uptake by plant roots while providing micro-organisms vital for soil fertility.

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